FMC Corporate

Sordoni’s team of lab construction specialists worked with FMC Corporation to construct its main research campus in Ewing, New Jersey. The campus is comprised of two buildings, each containing offices and high tech laboratories totaling over 120,000 square feet of space. Sordoni’s management team worked closely with FMC and their owners representative Curry & Brown to gradually phase its existing facility into its new space so laboratory testing and quality control would not be compromised. Both the APG and Bio Buildings were designated as “fast track” and completed within 10 months of construction (site clearing to turn-key!). The client faced large lease penalties if they did not relocate from their existing building and into the new facilities by the date required. Sordoni avoided all penalties by bringing the project in well within the scheduled due date and under the control budget.

Location:Ewing, New JerseyCompletion:2009Client:FMC CorporateSize:Two new buildings & new greenhouse
Offices: 70,000 sf office
Labs: 50,000 sf lab
Greenhouse: 5,000 sf greenhouse
Services:Construction Management Architect:CE&IC