News - September 27, 2021

Sordoni Construction Co. Gains a Project Executive

Sordoni Construction Co. is excited to announce the promotion of Michael Rodriguez from Project Director to Project Executive. With 20 plus years of experience within the construction industry, Michael’s vast knowledge allows him to implement multiple components of construction on a project. This includes procurement, scheduling, cost management, project management, and more. “Michael has been an integral part of Sordoni’s success for over a decade,” said Matthew Lorenzo, Sordoni’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “I am excited to see him in this new role, and I am highly confident he will thrive in it.”

Michael’s skillset stems from his steady growth within the industry, ultimately resulting in multiple management roles and positions. From Project Engineer to Project Director, he has a proven track record of exceeding project expectations and goals, while managing multiple projects at once.

Michael’s wide range of project experience includes life sciences (labs and manufacturing), commercial, retail, residential, higher education, sports facilities, corporate buildings, and the New York City market. Each sector has its own set of challenges, and as a result, he is able to work in fast-paced, highly demanding environments with great client satisfaction. “Over the last 12 years, I have worked with Mike Rodriguez successfully completing many challenging projects,” said Seth Levy, Sordoni’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President. “Mike’s drive, leadership and ability to energize his project teams make him a great leader. I look forward to being a part of Mike’s continuing success with Sordoni Construction Company and look forward to his growth.”

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), his technical and astute way of carrying out a project resulted in over $650 million ofcompleted projects.

Throughout his career, Michael has proven to execute projects with the highest level of integrity and construction practices within the industry.  As a result, he is a great candidate in fulfilling his new position as a Project Executive. “As I move into my new position, I’m looking forward to helping shape the growth of Sordoni and challenging myself,” said Michael. “While in my 12 years at Sordoni, so many individuals have helped shape my experience and life. I would say learning balance between work and family was always the most important to me. Matt Lorenzo, Seth Levy, John Ernest, and Brad Smith have set great examples of how to succeed in the balancing work-life verse family life.”

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