Constructing Iconic Properties.

At Sordoni Construction Co., we specialize in constructing iconic properties—properties that are extraordinary in their sphere of influence. A residential building becomes the heart and soul of a neighborhood. A corporate headquarters boosts productivity and enhances the company culture. A retail property drives desire, creates the ideal flow of traffic and raises the bar for style and usability.

A Nuanced, Masterful Approach.

Independent for over a century, we understand how creativity, craftsmanship and functionality work together in the long term—and how to achieve the most powerful, beautiful, enduring result from any given budget. We invest ourselves in the future of each property because we recognize that construction is just the beginning.

Our Commitment to Long-term Thinking.

Influential, innovative, experiential, useable—we’re committed to constructing properties that elevate their surroundings and exert a permanent, positive influence in people’s lives—now and into the future. We leverage our long term relationships and unique expertise, empowering our clients to envision, engineer and construct enduring, iconic properties.