News - February 27, 2020

Sordoni Construction Co. Executives and Managers Help Students Prepare for the Workforce

Sordoni Construction Co. executives and managers welcomed students from Saint Peter’s University to a professional development day at their Bedminster, NJ headquarters on January 31. “As business leaders, we have a moral obligation to help perpetuate success for our community’s next generation of business leaders,” said Matthew Lorenzo, Sordoni Construction Co.’s President and CEO.

Business leaders dedicated four hours to an intense mentoring session for seven students. The half-day career training experience included one-on-one resume critiques, a group workshop and mock job interviews. “Students might read about basic interview skills in a textbook, but nothing compares to this real-world practice in a corporate office with business executives,” said Tim Lorenzo, Sordoni Construction Co.’s Director of Human Resources. Thanks to this immersive learning experience, these students are going to stand out in job interviews.” The professional development day started with a workshop. Sordoni Construction Co. executives and managers provided job interview preparation documents and shared some tips and tricks on how students could shine during interviews. Students then put what they learned into practice. Each student participated in three rounds of mock interviews. A different Sordoni Construction Co. representative conducted each of the three interviews so students could experience working with a variety of personality types and interview styles. After each round, the person who they worked with provided a constructive critique with actionable takeaways that they could apply to their next interview.

Sondra Edwards Buesing Riley is the Director of Internships & Professional Development, Career Engagement & Experiential Learning at Saint Peter’s University. She said, “The Sordoni team strengthened each student’s interviewing, networking and presentation skills and ultimately, their confidence!”

Daryl Delgaizo Levy is the Director of Employer Relations at Saint Peter’s. She reflected, “A noticeable observation was how eager the students were to continue interviewing after each session. The feedback overall was valuable in which the students explained how they applied what they learned from the previous interview into the following round.”

The day wrapped up with a casual lunch during which all participants discussed what they learned from the experience. Sordoni Construction Co. Marketing Coordinator Melissa Mendez said, “I gained so much valuable experience through this. I learned a lot about the students, and it was a privilege to help them build their confidence and improve their professional development.”

Saint Peter’s University faculty thanked the Sordoni Construction Co. team for dedicating their time, generosity and expertise to help students build professional development and networking skills. “This will always be a memorable moment for them. There is value in applying skills learned in a classroom into a real corporate setting and face to face interaction,” said Edwards Buesing Riley. Delgaizo Levy added, “I just wanted to send my genuine thanks once again for hosting such an impactful day for our eager and enthusiastic students. The industry knowledge and wisdom you provided was incredibly valuable and will absolutely enhanced our students profile and confidence in their Sordoni Construction Co. Executives and Managers Help Students Prepare for the Workforcinterviewing process. We are grateful for your commitment to preparing our students for their future career paths and for your continued support and partnership with Saint Peter’s University.”

Thank you to these members of the Sordoni Construction Co. team for making time in their busy schedules to mentor students.

Maia Adler – Controller Brad Henriksen – Project Executive Tim Lorenzo – Director of Human Resources Melissa Mendez – Marketing Coordinator Heather Palma – Administrative Coordinator

Thank you to these members of the Saint Peter’s University staff for helping to coordinate the professional development day.

Victoria Cinquegrana, M.S.Ed – Assistant Director Daryl Delgaizo Levy – Director of Employer Relations Sondra Edwards Buesing Riley, CPRW – Director of Internships & Professional Development Jose L. Lopez, Jr., M.S.Ed – EOF Assistant Director/Counselor