The Grand

Sordoni Construction Co. was recently awarded to manage the construction of a new 14-story apartment building located in West New York, New Jersey. This 156-unit building will obtain a lounge, gym, 24-hour convenience store, and green roof with BBQ grills and seating for the ultimate relaxation.

Project consists of Ecospan construction for floors 4-14 placed on a concrete cast-in-place structure on floors 1-3. The Grand will obtain a half basement and the exterior facade will consist of predominantly brick with metal panel accents. In addition, Juliet Balconies equipped with accent lighting will be constructed and installed. This modern building will also have an Aluminum Slat wall that will greet residents entering off 51st street.

The overall community contains concerns over lack of public parking spaces. As a result, The Grand will obtain a parking garage with 495 spaces for residents and the public, while having close proximity to public transportation.

Location:West New York, New JerseyCompletion: 2023Client:National Realty Investment Associates (NRIA)Size:160,963 sfServices:Procurement & Construction ManagementArchitect:Michael Graves