The Grand & Culver Parking Garage

Sordoni Construction Co. is currently managing the construction of a new 14-story apartment building located in West New York, New Jersey. This 156 unit building will obtain a lounge, gym, 24-hour convenience store, and green roof with BBQ grills and seating for the ultimate relaxation.

Project consists of Ecospan construction for floors 4-14 placed on a concrete cast-in-place structure on floors 1-3. The Grand will obtain a half basement and the exterior facade will feature a modern metal facade and storefront accents. In addition, Juliet Balconies equipped with accent lighting will be constructed and installed. This modern building will also feature a steel slat wall that will greet residents entering off 51st street.

The overall community contains concerns over lack of public parking spaces. As a result, The Grand will obtain the Culver Parking Garage with 506 spaces for residents and the public, while having close proximity to public transportation. At 8 levels high, it will feature exterior metal sun screens/accents.

Location:West New York, New JerseyCompletion: 2023Client:National Realty Investment Associates (NRIA)Size:The Grand: 160,963 sf Culver Parking Garage: 172,588 sfServices:Procurement & Construction ManagementArchitect:Michael Graves